About Us

The Heart of Castrol Premium Lube Express & Auto Repair

When you get right down to it, Lethbridge Castrol Premium Lube Express & Auto Repair is just a building with a purpose — no different than any other building filled with high-quality tools and tech. No, that’s not why customers love coming here. The moment you walk through the door, you’ll realize it’s the people that make this place so special.

Mike and Barb Gerk – Owners

When you first meet Mike and Barb, they look like an average couple. They’ve been married for ten years. He is clearly passionate about vehicles, she has a clear love of animals, and they are both big on family. When you speak to them for a few minutes, however, you’ll discover they’re special people as passionate about life as they are their community. They’re unabashedly romantic, outgoing and make every stranger feel like one of the family.

Barb has a diverse background and is a natural nurturer. Crazy about animals, she’s easy to talk to and her eye for detail makes her great to work with. Mike clearly knows his stuff and knows how to get that information across to customers in a way they understand whether they’re car lovers, too, or the regular mom who just knows their vehicle isn’t working right. Together, the two of them manage the shop like the driver and co-pilot of a well-oiled machine.

When Mike and Barb are not at the shop, they can be found quadding, shooting, boating or going out for dinner. They spend time with their granddaughter (Mike has even been known to show videos of her to customers.) Unless there’s a car show in town. Then, you’ll find Mike sharing his passion for his ’57 or talking about hot rods and classic cars, while Barb chats with others and talks about her fur babies. In fact, they’re strong supporters of the community and often support various community events and organizations. They’re also adamant about supporting local businesses, mom and pop shops, and being the best employers they can be.

The Lethbridge Castrol Premium Lube Express & Auto Repair Team

Cam Androkovich – Senior Tech

Fondly teased as being part of the furniture, Cam has worked for Mike and Barb for over eight years. During that time, he’s become the foundation of the lower techs. And if it were put to a vote, he’d definitely get the “keeping the cleanest basement in the auto industry” award. When Barb and Cam are not fussing over the pups, you’ll find Cam spoiling his beloved Dex. Now, if we could only get him to change his taste in music…

Quinn Gerk – Senior Tech

Mike’s brother Quinn has been here almost as long as Cam. Eager to get started, he’s always first to run full speed at the sound of the service bell. In fact, we often tell him he easily outworks most teenagers. Outside of work, Quinn loves to spend time at the Raymond track with his son Aaron and helping out the motocross community.

Jake Legge – Tech

The baby in the Castrol family, Jake is quite the gentleman around the shop, which is a bit surprising considering he’s only 18 (and given the things we hear about him outside of working hours). His goal is to attend college and become a full-fledged mechanic. And we look forward to supporting him however we can while he works to reach this goal.

Stew Maclean – Licensed Mechanic

Stew has been a part of the Castrol team since 2009. He’s a good, old-fashioned mechanic who does it because he loves being around and working on vehicles and he doesn’t hesitate to share that with others. In fact, he’s happy to come to the waiting room to talk to you about your vehicle and will even take you back to show you and discuss your vehicle’s needs while it’s up on the hoist. When he’s not at the shop, he’s likely still doing something vehicle related such as stock cars, drag racing, transforming vintage cars into hot rods and rat rods, or kicking back on the local car show scene.