Oil Changes & Maintenance

Your vehicle is more than just your way back and forth to work. It’s your refuge when you need to get away. It keeps your family and friends safe. It’s your fun-mobile on summer outings, and your ticket to adventure. When it’s time for an oil change, take it to someone who loves it as much as you do.

Full Service Oil Change

1 SERVICESThe most essential service offered at Castrol Premium Lube Express is an Oil Change for your vehicle featuring Castrol motor oil.


Cabin Air Filter Service


Regular replacement of your cabin air filter can reduce the amount pollen, dust, dirt and other airborne allergens that flow through your air intake system and into your car.


Radiator Service

1 SERVICESRegular replacement of your radiator fluid can reduce overheating problems which can decrease the life of your engine

Fuel System Maintenance


Maintaining your fuel system will help you maximize your fuel economy while sustaining engine performance.


AC Recharging

1 SERVICESKeep your AC running cold and efficient, even on the hottest days.

Battery Service


Nothing’s worse than a dead battery. Our battery service can ensure your battery is charged properly and ready to go, so you don’t get stuck out in the cold.


OBD Testing

1 SERVICESThe Check Engine Light comes on to tell you there’s a problem and the engine management computer stores a trouble code. Your friendly and professional Castrol Premium Lube Express technician connects a scan tool to your vehicle’s diagnostic port and retrieves the trouble codes as well as other important data.

Headlight & Bulb


Keep out of the dark with our headlight and bulb service. From dome lights to stop lights, we’ve got it all.

Wiper Blade

1 SERVICESWhen rain and snow make driving difficult, fresh wiper blades give you the visibility you need to focus on the road.
Belt Repair & Replacement


In short, if you wait too long for a serpentine replacement, fan or timing belt replacement, you’re facing expensive and time-consuming auto repair services.

Transmission Servce

1 SERVICESA transmission flush is a maintenance process where all of the oil in a transmission is removed, new oil (and sometimes cleaning solutions) is run through it using a special machine to push out grime and sludge and then it is filled up with new oil.

Rock Chip Repair


Rock chips are almost impossible to avoid, but thankfully they can be fixed. Come in today before it become unrepairable costing you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs


Why Choose Lethbridge Castrol Premium Lube Express & Auto Repair for an Oil Change

At Castrol Premium Lube Express & Auto Repair, you’re treated like family from beginning to end:

  • No appointment required
  • Great prices for amazing service
  • No surprise repairs or fees
  • Fluid checks

    Then, there are the things our competition doesn’t want you to know about…

  • Premium Castrol products — we’ll show you!
  • Warranty approved
  • Our FREE customer loyalty program
  • Kickback points
  • Special fleet services, perks and discounts
  • Did we mention the great prices, premium oil and fantastic service?


“I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your service. I used to dread getting my oil changed. I really appreciate the high level of professionalism and service that I’ve received time and time again from your employees. Everyone there is always friendly, knowledgeable, and doesn’t even miss a beat when I ask questions. Thank you to the staff who have patiently explained products and services to me without pressure or condensation. It is a great experience to take my car for an oil change now, and a huge relief to be able to trust the professionals that are looking after it”